Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2010 got off to a great start when a flock of honking geese flew by the cottage early this morning. Happy New Year! Geese are symbolic of heeding the call to the quest. I'm always interested in what energies the New Year will bring. According to the book, The Secret of Numbers, 2010 is a 3 Universal Year in the nine year cycle. What was started in 1 year and germinated in a 2 year will begin to show results in a 3 year. It is an outgoing vibration and brings the joy of living. It is a year for optimism and expansion. It is a year of versatility of interests, with a tendency toward scattering energies in many directions. It is a year of extravagance. Money will be spent for pleasure and luxuries. It is a year of self-expression with a light touch. The performing arts and fashion prosper. There is much entertaining and being entertained. Nations and groups will find it a gregarious and social year. There will be opportunities for demonstrations of cultural and artistic developments by national or smaller groups. A time for cultural exchange and sociability.

By the way, the color for the Universal 3 Year is yellow. The color of faith and divine illumination. May this New Year be the best and brightest in all that you say and do. Your angels are waiting for an invitation to help you fulfill your life's purpose.

Angelic blessings & gratitude,