Monday, January 4, 2010

A Hard Nut to Crack

Nature is a great teacher. I was amused by this bushy tailed squirrel trying to crack open a big walnut this morning. On a narrow limb up a tree, he was eye level with me. Watching him meticulously keep at it, I got the message. Stay focused until you're done. Never mind what others around you may be doing or saying. (Like the big woman with the camera at the dining room window.)

Carefully turning his big prize between tiny paws. Gnawing evenly he kept on, round and round with little sign of a breakthrough. "Some nuts are hard to crack" I got to thinking about my goals. How they're in my hands but the secret is to keep working them until they bear fruit. No distractions. And not to give up.

I thanked the squirrel for the lesson in perserverance and then went about my own business.

May this year be one in which you crack open the fruits of your talents.

Angelic blessings,