Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Tree that Survived Winter

(The old apple tree)

Brrrrrrrrrr....The bird bath is frozen solid this morning. Even the pond has a crusty thickening. Elliot melted the ice in the birdbath with hot water. Less than a hour later, I saw a little wren slipping and sliding on the mini ice rink hoping for a drink.

Several years ago, I came across The Tree that Survived the Winter by Mary Fahy.

"You have survived the winter because you are,
and were, and always will be very much loved"
said the sun. "For that small place deep within you
that remained unfrozen and open to mystery, that
is where I have made my dwelling. And long, long,
before you felt my warmth surrounding you, you
were being freed and formed from within in ways
so deep and profound that you could not possibly
know what was happening."

We all go through winters in our lives. These words
give strength to my soul that more is always happening
than I can understand. And again, we are always in
the comforting presence of our guardian angel if we
still our minds and go within, we'll experience the
radiance of peace and love that surround us.

Angelic blessings,