Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mercury Retrograde

I wasn't sure what to write about today. I happened to look down at the clock on the computer. It was 11:11. Things seem to be breaking down with in the areas of communication and transportation which is typical of mercury retrograde. It's a time to rewrite, revisit, repair, reschedule, replace, renew... Yesterday my PC went on the fritz casting me off line so today I'm trying out my laptop. The 11:11 is a message that the angels are near and all is well.

Strange things began going on with my car, too. Like I couldn't get the key out of the trunk lock and the hood kept popping up. Luckily it happened after unloading the groceries at home and not at the store parking lot. I called AAA and got a temporary fix until a part can be ordered. And another little mystery is how the key won't open the driver's side for me so I get in on the passenger's side and scoot behind the wheel. It's funny how the key works every time for my husband but not for me. These are all just petty little annoyances in the scheme of things. But just as if to compound my point... right in the middle of writing this, I was whisked out of the blog while Windows did an automatic update! I had to laugh at the timing. Communications, fughgetabout it.

On May 11th mercury goes direct again, until then you may want to keep calling on the Angels of Communication and transportation for help. In the meantime, the Nature Angels are still blessing our car.

Enjoy the day with your Angels,