Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuning into the Angelic Host

(Va Beach Sunrise)

Life takes on a new reality when we live with the truth that Angels abide in our presence. Just because our eyes cannot see our celestial friends, doesn't make the angels any less real. We know the nuclear field exists. Yet, our eyes are not designed to see atoms and molecules. But they are real. Maybe the idea that Angels are in our midst feels like it's too good to be true and so we dismiss the thought as whimsical at best. But Angels can appear in many ways. A sudden inspiration, a fragrance, goosebumps, a light touch, or even as a person. Sometimes, they are undulating waves of loving, peaceful energy that enfold us with such a presence that we feel comforted and blessed. Our circumstances may not have changed, but we have through their radiation.

At this time especially, the angels are encouraging us to remember them and invite them into our daily lives so they may manifest in our consciousness as we go about our day. Each day we are blessed with a gift of 24 hours. These precious hours are ours to use. Once spent, they never return again. Humanity is moving farther away from the Divine Self within, spending more and more time hooked into technology, driven by high speed internet, cell phones, texting, TVs. Constantly bombarded with an information explosion, it's hard to find a restaurant without a TV blaring. All this has a place in the world but there needs to be a balance. Stilling the mind and listening for the Voice within, is key to living life to our fullest potential.

It's important to pay attention to where we keep our attention during the day. Is it on things that enslave us or desecrate the blessings we desire? Just imagine what you may experience if you contemplate the Angelic Host for an hour each day? Give it a try as you go about your daily affairs, invite the angels to be with you to guide and protect you along the way. For just a second, send your love and gratitude to them and before long, you will experience the radiation of their love for you. The more you can put this into practice, the more amazing the results. The Angelic Host wants to be the loving messengers they are intended to be, but often we are so distracted we miss the gentle nudges prodding us to rise in consciousness and be the light in the darkness.

Angelic blessings,


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