Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Archangel Gabriel

In the Zohar, we learn more about Gabriel. After midnight he calls and then all the roosters of the world call. Gabriel writes down all the activities of the world's inhabitants each day and reads everything he wrote during the day.

It's hard to imagine that every thought we think, every act we do does not go unnoticed. There really are no secrets.

Always we are given the choice on what to do for we were created with free will. When we align with the Divine, our actions here on the earth plane arouse a stirring in the upper realm increasing the Light down here. The more we ask to be a channel for the Light, the more Light will be given according to the measure in which we use what is given us. The Light has no judgment. It either is or it isn't just as the sun shines equally on all. Being a channel for the Light means we have no special agendas, we are a conduit for receiving and then sharing, keeping our vessel open to divine inspiration.

Rise and shine,