Monday, March 20, 2023

The RED Panic Button: An Angel Message

Years ago, I learned the hard way my car key has a PANIC BUTTON.  I'd mistaken the red plastic inlay as decorative only. Then one quiet morning waiting in the parking lot at my son's chiropractor, I went to pull the key from the ignition, and somehow triggered the alarm. 

All hell broke loose. The Horn blasted in a jarring cadence-- headlights, and tail-lights flashed like frenetic fireflies. No matter what I did, I couldn't stop the dissonance. 
My son ran out of the chiropractor's to help.

He grabbed the key, and pressed down on the Panic Button, in hopes it was a toggle switch.  No luck. In a cloud of cacophony, we sped away, not to disturb the patients. 

Pedestrians cleared out of the path as the Honda screamed down a quiet ocean-side street.  The  ANGLZ license plate was drawing attention, but not in a harmonious way. And, I was in a panic. 

"Angels! Archangel Michael! Help!"

I shouldn't have been surprised when it quieted down, and back to the chiropractor's we went.

But, when he opened the door, the PANIC BUTTON was reactivated.  Instant replay!  
Embarrassed, he slammed the door, and we sped away again.  

Frazzled, I drove around, cringing behind the wheel, with no particular place in mind.  I couldn't out race the chaos, it was coming from my vehicle disturbing the peace.  It ended up on a dead-end street in a somewhat isolated area. 
Again, I asked for angel help.

When I happened to turn around,  I couldn't believe it.

A tow truck! 
I ran to his truck, shouting for help.

A kind gentleman immediately knew the remedy.  Luckily, I kept the spare "manual" key in my purse.  The mechanic unlocked the driver's side with the "dumb" key.  Then, with the "smart" key, he hit the power LOCK-OFF, LOCK ON button again to clear the panic mode program.

It worked! Peace at last.  I was so grateful for his angelic help.

My son decided he would walk back to the doctor's office.  After he left me alone, I'll admit I was scared to open the car door again as I sat in the stillness.

 But, then an angel thought whispered,  "Fear not."

In gratitude, I quietly drove to the ocean. As I watched the rhythm of the waves, and the beauty of the morning sunlight, all the stress washed out to sea. My panic program was being cleared.   I smiled at the two extremes.  If it hadn't been for that blasted PANIC button, I would have missed out on the beautiful peaceful glow of a new day.  

I was thankful for the lesson.  Sometimes our "panic button" may get triggered accidentally, but every problem comes with the solution.  I just need to ask the angels for help in clearing old panic programming. 

Remember you are never alone.  Your guardian angel is with you.  Love will make a way.  The best is yet to be.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen