Thursday, March 9, 2023

Give a Little Whistle: An Angel Message

I love it when angels speak through nature with a touch of humor.  Imagine looking out your window and seeing an odd sight.  A brown duck, with a big orange beak, inching its flat web feet across a cable in the a cartoon character.

What was it doing up there?  I laughed, as it awkwardly tried to maintain balance on the high wire.   Rubbery orange feet perfect for paddling, not for gripping.


For the longest time, he watched me, watching him, as if patiently hoping I'd get the message: Take baby steps to maintain your balance now.  Take the high road when communicating, and avoid getting stuck in the turbulence below. A much needed lesson delivered during the unprecedented challenges in our country, and the world, that began in 2020.

Thank you! I laughed. His humorous stance made a lasting impression to do your best to stay on-high at that time. 

 With a seeming sigh of relief, the brown duck spread its wings, and took flight. Mission accomplished.     

This week I learned another trait of the odd duck messenger, as well as its name, a Black-bellied Whistling Duck. Over a hundred of these gorgeous long-legged, orange-pink billed ducks, with white-eye rings, gathered in rows and rows on the banks of the overflow water reservoir near the Buttercup Bakery. Elliot and I had stopped by for desserts while running errands.  Did you ever notice how the word desserts is stressed spelled backwards?  A sweet remedy for stress relief.  It turned out a double treat, as our favorite ducks no longer come to the lake near home, and we miss them.  

The Black-bellied Whistling Ducks really do have a whistle for their call, not a quack was heard from the bunch. A cheerful whistling trill rode the breeze as the playful flock swam and splashed in the water, in what appeared a friendly game like leap frog as they took turns bouncing over one another in a big splash. Whistling ducks... something new and different.  A joyful orchestration.  

While writing about whistling just now,  a childhood song wafted in. Jimminy Cricket's song from the Disney Pinocchio movie.  Give a little whistle...and always let your conscience be your guide. 

It had been so long, I looked up the lyrics:

"Take the straight and narrow path

And if you start to slide

Give a little whistle

Give a little whistle

And, always let your conscience be your guide."


Have a joyful day with your angels. Remember you are never alone.  Give a little whistle...God has sent His angels to watch over you and guide you.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen

Give a Little Whistle Music and lyrics by:

Leigh Harline

Ned Washington