Monday, March 6, 2023

For Land Sakes Alive, Pink Periwinkles!

 Angel messages often have a way of sneaking up, and when least expected, catch us off-guard in awe of their special delivery. Whatever the case, they usually make a lasting impression, a ray of hope. And in that special moment, we know more is happening than we can presently understand. So keep on believing. The best is yet to be.

 Yesterday afternoon's walk in the woods behind our house, a heap of old black tires was a sign of times changing, dumped and forgotten no longer useful.  To prepare for new houses the woods are being cleaned up and cleared for lots. No longer home to wild turkeys, deer, and other animals.  The magical entrance into the woods is gone, without a heart for nature. 

Change is the only constant, and one has to accept what is.  

The sun was bright and a breeze stirred the spring-like day. I tried to look on the bright side.

Many old trees were still standing. 

Then in the midst of a sandy clearing, a sunlit patch of wild pink periwinkles stuck out like a mirage. How had they survived?  It was as if an angel had stooped down from heaven and planted them on the path. A tender note of good cheer. I wasn't sure to let them stay rooted where they were blooming or save the lovely periwinkles from possible upheaval by a bulldozer.   

Elliot and I returned with a pot and a shovel on a rescue mission.  The first thrust of the spade hit hard rocky soil, but I slowly dug a circle round the flowering plant. Its roots loosened, and the periwinkles found a new home in our front yard. 

Like all major moves, there is a period of adjustment. In the evening, the plant looked sad, with wilted leaves.  I gave it a tall drink of water and hoped for the best.  This morning the lovely periwinkles were back in the pink, greeting the sunshine.   

When I read the symbolism of the periwinkles this morning, the message was perfect.   Its essence awakens a renewed sense of coming into new life. It has ties to the energies of love and immortality, and is associated with the Virgin Mother.  

And, pink is the color of divine love.

What angel messages are catching you off-guard? 

 It's wonderful to remember we're always in the company of our guardian angels, and even more wonderful when every now and then we get a surprising glimpse of divine love right on time.

Peace and Joy,

Rae Karen