Sunday, October 15, 2017

Angel of Enthusiasm!

Nothing great was ever achieved
without enthusiasm.
                --Ralph Waldo Emerson

Early this morning synchronicity was in the air as I tuned into a weekly spiritual TV program, Live with Passion.  Father Cedric's message was on Enthusiasm.  When things go wrong, we may not feel enthusiastic, but it's important to make a choice to be that way, and not let fear, doubt, and despair discourage us from enjoying everyday life.    

Singing is a good way to revitalize our spirit. In scripture, at midnight Paul and Silas, sang out praises in prison, giving thanks to God. They decided to sing rather than be fearful.  Other prisoners woke up to listen, and suddenly an earthquake shook open the prison doors, setting them free.  That's what the spirit of enthusiasm and praise can do to free us from feelings of hopelessness and doom. 

After the show, I was reminded that I had forgotten to select an angel card for the day.  I laughed at the random choice. The Angel of  Enthusiasm, waving a banner!  

A double dose!

It's good to remember that ENTHUSIASM is a choice. Even when we don't feel like it, we can choose to be helpful, positive, and flexible. We can  pray to have more strength, courage, and peace.  The scriptures tell us that in all circumstances, give thanks, and remember how God has come through for us in the past.  We are never alone.

So the angel message for today is to celebrate your life.  Rejoice that you are here and can make a difference in the world by radiating life and choosing to be fresh and lively.   May the Angel of Enthusiasm inspire you today with a word, an idea, a touch of nature, or the loving kindness of those around you. May you become an Angel of Enthusiasm for others.

I had a good laugh when I came across this faded photo of my Mom on the farm.  With enthusiasm and authority, she "took that old bull by the horns" to lead it in a brighter direction. 

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen