Monday, March 26, 2012

For the Sake of Harmony: An Angel Message

In recent blogs, I've shared a keyword that keeps coming up for me. Harmony. I found this plaque a few days ago at Habitat for Humanity and put it in the sun room by the front door.

"Love is what binds us together in perfect harmony" A good reminder in my going out and my coming in that harmony is the key.

On Saturday while waiting in line at a department store, an irate customer stormed through the door, cutting in front of me at the service counter. Demanding a refund, he slammed his bag on the counter.

The sales girl recognized him from an earlier exchange when she had given him a store credit for a belt he had purchased. This new belt had also fallen apart. His bellowing brought the store manager and another sales clerk to help out. "Please lower your voice," she said. "This is not helping us resolve your issue."
"I want other customers to know! I'm never coming back here!"

I never heard anyone scream so loud in public. Silently, I asked Archangel Michael to be with us and called on the guardian angels of everyone present to help.

A mother and her toddler were also in line. My heart went out to the little girl. An idea came to me, to offer to pay for the belt that was less than $10. It seemed a small price to pay for the sake of harmony.

A funny thing happened as soon as I made the offer. The man calmed down and thanked me, saying, you don't have to do that.

Just knowing someone else cared, seemed to make all the difference. As I left the store, he and the sales people were working out a solution.

It's so hard to remember that all anger is a call for love. These are stressful times and love is the answer.

I love the words "In atmosphere of Love divine, we live, and move, and breathe." (Hymn 144 in the Christian Science Hymnal)

Enjoy your day with the angels and remember who you really are.

Rae Karen