Friday, March 23, 2012


I took this photo from the outside, looking in at the Bok Tower Welcome Center.

I took this one from inside the Welcome Center, looking out the same window as above. At the time I didn't intentionally plan on doing a blog, but when I uploaded the photos an idea came to me on perspectives.

The same site, two different perspectives of the same window, both equally true.

So often we speak of the same idea or thing... only our terminology is different. We are sharing an experience without understanding that our approach to the situation is not from the same vantage point. Although the view is quite different, the terrain is the same. One perspective is no more true than the other. Only in our personal description, it may seem radically different.

There is a way in which to harmonize the flow of communication that I've found most helpful and that is to silently ask the Holy Spirit for a holy relationship with the person to whom I'm speaking. The conversation takes on a higher consciousness and it is often the other person who escalates the exchange to higher ground. The Holy Spirit dwells within each mind and knows the best way to bring a touch of heaven to our relationships.

Enjoy your day with the Angels of Communication.