Thursday, June 7, 2012

Like Little Children...

Our Guardian Angel can help us to touch the child in us who is often lonely or feeling unloved.  Our guardian angel knows us better than we know ourselves and can help heal deep wounds where we've felt the absence of love or experienced abuse in the past.

In the scripture, Christ Jesus tells us that we cannot enter heaven unless we be like little children.  The purity, joy, and innocence of our true Self is that creative Inner Child that may be buried underneath layers of guilt and self-condemnation.

 When we allow ourselves to take time and still our minds, we can connect with that sacred place within us that is untouched by the world.  Remembering we are truly spirit and not a physical body, we can begin to embrace the joy of knowing that God never changed His Mind about us.  We are each His precious Child protected and guided by Angels in all of our ways.

I've found it helpful to see that "little one" in every person, especially if I am going through a trying time in a particular relationship with someone.  There are no men or women; only the boy and girl, each calling out for love.

We can pray to our Guardian Angel to help us have courage and enjoy being ourselves.  The more we open our hearts to the Angels, the more peace and joy will fill our lives.

Angel blessings,