Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Loudest Meow

Angel stories abound and sometimes we're gifted with an unexpected opportunity to hear how someone can suddenly perform a heroic act, like an angel.  This happened to me last week while at the bank. A conversation began with a bank executive who was helping me. While transacting business, the topic of cats came up.  Our mutual affinity for our felines lead her to tell me an amazing story of how she found her tabby cat.  It went like this:

Her husband had been singing praises about his old truck and how reliable it had been through the years. A few days later, to her surprise he called to say it had broken down on I-4. A tow truck was on the way.  To his frustration, the delay turned into hours.  When help finally arrived, somehow the truck got stuck in the sand. Another truck was needed that added more hours to his trying patience.

It was sundown when she finally got the call. He was ready to be picked up on I-4.  The truck was there, preparing to tow his vehicle away.  She  parked behind him while her husband finished the paperwork with the driver.

Waiting in her car, she was wondering, why all the delays?

Her answer came when she heard a loud meow.  

Her heart sank,  maybe a cat was hurt, but when she got out to look, she didn't see anything. Then she heard the loudest most pitiful MEOW coming from the median strip across the highway.

 In the dark, she ran to help and found a frightened ball of orange fur looking up at her.  "Can you can imagine how loud he was crying for me to hear him?" she asked. "With his whole little heart."

Watching her dash across the highway with the kitten, her husband and the tow truck driver both yelled at her out of fright. "That was too dangerous!  Never do that!"

"We already have two cats," her husband said, angrily.  "You could have been killed."

"But this little kitten was meant for you," she told him."Because it was your truck that broke down here on the highway.  And you had to wait here all afternoon so this kitten could be rescued."

That little tabby became part of the family, especially bonding with her husband, who named him Tigor.

Listening to her story brought tears to my eyes.  I thought about that helpless kitten stuck between traffic on a narrow median with no sign of help. And, how hopelessness can suddenly become hopefulness when circumstances shift and out of the blue, an answer appears to solve the crisis. Perfect love does cast out fear.  An inspiring quote from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures captures this moment beautifully:

"Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power."
       Mary Baker Eddy

Angels are God's thoughts coming to us on wings of divine love.  Spend time with your angels and watch and listen for the messages they may want to share with you.