Friday, June 22, 2012

Prayer to a Guardian Angel

(Virginia Beach sunrise)

Today is my dear angel  friend Drew's birthday.  In honor of her special day I was guided to select an angel card for her.  While searching for the description in the book, The Angel Oracle by Ambika Wauters, I found this beautiful prayer.

The Guardian Angel

Thou angel of God who hast charge of me
From the dear Father of mercifulness,
To the shepherding King of the fold of the saints
To make around about me this night,

Drive from me every temptation and danger,
Surround me on the sea of unrighteousness,
And in the narrows, crooks and straits,
Keep thou my coracle, keep it always.

Be thou a bright flame before me,
Be thou a guiding star above me,
Be thous a smooth path below me,
And be a kindly shepherd behind me,
Today, tonight and forever.

I am tired and I a stranger,
Lead thou me to the land of angels;
For it is time to go home
To the court of Christ, to the peace of heaven.

(This prayer was found in the last century in
the Outer Isles of Scotland by Alexander

The more we open ourselves up to receiving the messages and radiations from the Angels, the more aware we will become of their loving presence.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.