Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rain Angels


 (Photo: Rain Angels Pictograph, Buckhorn, Washington, Wikimedia Commons)
We meet ourselves time and again in a
thousand disguises on the paths of life.
            CARL JUNG
 With all the rain we've been enjoying in sunny Florida, I was drawn to this pictograph called Rain Angels painted over 2,000 years ago in Barrier Canyon Style; a remote part of the San Rafael Swell.   So prehistoric man had some artistic talent as displayed in this painting.  Powdered minerals and other natural elements were used for paint.
The soul finds ways to express itself.  Creativity cannot be stifled.  Isn't it wonderful to know that our spirit is ever present in the best and the worst of conditions.  In that remembrance, we become resilient. Our eternal spirit is perfect and accessible in every "now" if we still our minds and just "be" in the Oneness.
Enjoy your day with the Angels.
Love and blessings,