Monday, September 27, 2021

Autumn Reflections: Angel Rocks

What we think...we attract...  The angels drove home a lesson about our thoughts last week.

I'd been thinking about autumn in Alaska, and feeling homesick for the beautiful golden trees. Later that day, this U-Haul moving truck crossed my path in our small Floridian town. The timing was amusing, as hawk is my angel nature messenger and Alaska had been on my mind.   Thoughts are creative things.
Then, with the focus on autumn and the advice to draw closer to nature for guidance, a few days later, I attracted this fall photo of Angel Rocks in Fairbanks, Alaska.   Thoughts are creative things.
Gazing at the golden leaves, the angels took me on a journey way back in time.
In the early 1970's, I didn't know about the presence of angels in everyday life. They were waiting in the wings, just as Angel Rocks had been at that time.
But looking back,  I could now see how angels had been watching over me.  1971 was a record-breaking winter, with 165 inches of snow, and many days with -40 below and much colder temperatures.  
On my way to work one frozen morning, I was plowing along Airport Road in my 1968 verde green Pontiac. Metal tire chains clanked on the wheel rim of the Firebird, as the heavy links dug into the many layers of  hard-packed snow.  A glance at the temperature on the local bank registered -40 below.  Brrrr... And, my heater, set on High blasted slightly warm air. Frost-free  protective shields on the rear and side windows helped with visibility.  But, to my surprise, my driving eyeglasses began to frost up. 
I laughed, nervously having an aha moment, in which I questioned my sanity as to how I got there. A series of events had led to the move way up north.
What a sight I must have been -- bundled in a heavy parka, the big furry hood covering my head was zipped up over my mouth and nose.  Only a pair of frosted glasses glued to the road, stuck out from the ruff trimmed hood.  Even the insulated Mukluk boots on my feet were beginning to feel like blocks of ice. 
It was quite a ride.    

Not far from the Institute of Northern Forestry where I worked, the Firebird's side-view mirror snapped off like a twig.  
With the help of unseen angels, I managed to drive the car up the hill, on four squared-tires. And rolled into victory. A power-post parking spot, the last one, closest to work, was waiting for me to plug in and warm the car during the day.   

Near the Arctic Circle, a power post  is a necessity.  Power posts were accessible downtown, home on the military base, etc.  No one could afford to go anywhere for longer than 2 hours without restarting the car or getting an electrical post recharge. Otherwise the circulating system would ice up and you'd be stuck in the deep-freeze.  

Today, I'm so thankful to know that we have angel companions. The more we honor and pay attention to these celestial visitants, the more visible will be our evidence of their loving presence.   Make friends with your guardian angels. They know you better than you know yourself.  
 In looking back, you can probably recall amazing events in which a glimpse of your unseen friends is suddenly revealed in astonishing and unforgettable ways.    
The winter experience in Alaska got me to thinking about those power posts.  What if we each remembered to plug in to our angel network every two hours throughout the day. No telling what miracles may happen.
An angel charge would safely guide, protect, and comfort us along the road each day making life's ride smoother.  Knowingly we would be driving under the influence of angels.  :-D   
One last thing... 
Synchronicity was at play last week.  On youtube, I happened to take a spectacular ride and saw the glorious autumn hills turning to gold in Fairbanks, Alaska in the fall of 2021.   Thoughts are things.
As I said, lately the angels have been driving a lesson home on the power of our thoughts. We entertain 50,000 plus thoughts each day, how many are positive. 
One of my favorite definitions of angels is:  "God's thoughts passing to man; spiritual intuitions, pure and perfect; the inspiration of goodness, purity, and immortality..." 
 Enjoy your day, and why not plug in and charge it with powerful angelic energy of love, harmony, peace, and light.
Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Angel Rocks, Chena River State Recreation Area, Fairbanks, AK
                                  photo Wikimedia Commons)