Thursday, September 16, 2021

Let It Be: An Angel Message

Recently while out shopping, a favorite Beatles' tune played on the sound system. Browsing a book rack, I smiled, thinking of the lyrics to Let It Be... 

"When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me/Speaking words of wisdom/ "Let it be/ Let it be."

Often times, to "let it be"is one of the hardest things to practice, especially if you like being in control.   A lesson on letting it be came from the garden.  I love orchids, and, yet houseplants and our cat Hei-Hei are incompatible.  So a few years ago, when our prized orchid shared its last beautiful blossom rather than pitch out the plant, I took it outdoors to give nature an opportunity to work a miracle.  Not every gardener has the humility and attentiveness to care for orchids.

With very little faith that it would bloom again, the straggly stick-of-a-plant was placed on the bottom shelf of a weathered wrought iron plant stand. And, completely forgotten, under the palm trees.  No fertilizer, no water, no shading from the sun. Strictly HANDS-off -- Let it be.  

Yesterday morning, an angel message prompted, check on the orchid plant. I didn't expect much.

But when I bent down to look on the lower shelf, a burst of joy energized me. 

Nature had done its job.  The lifeless plant had been more than fruitful.  

Two BEAUTIFUL exotic white blooms, tinged with soft violet rays!  And, four sealed pods, bearing a promise of more buds in the future. 

Filled with gratitude, I brought the amazing gift inside, and set it on the vanity in the bathroom, (shut away from the cat). Sheepishly, I smiled, recognizing I was at it again... 

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to let go, and let it be.  It  helps when surrendering to accept that all circumstances are helpful, designed for our spiritual growth.  Everything we need is already within us, waiting to bloom at the right time.  So maybe what  appears as a lost cause or hopeless in the physical, is actually a work in progress.  A reminder to let go, trust in a higher power, and surrender the outcome to the Holy Spirit.

An on-line search revealed more about these exotic and wild flowers.  I didn't know there is a Holy Spirit Dove orchid.  Orchids are the largest family in the plant kingdom with over 20,000 species.  

"Whenever these ornate blooms appear as messengers, they alert us to an important 2-4 week period at hand."  Control and balance your energies. Don't become overly involved in managing details.  Let it be as it is for now.  

Maybe there is a longstanding issue that you've been trying to handle alone.  Ask God for guidance and then follow through, and let it be.  You'll be happy that you did...

Now, to find a safe place for the lovely plant... It needs sunlight and a spot where its beauty can be appreciated daily, without the attention of friendly cat paws...

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Expect the happy things of God to come your way today. God loves you.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen



(Ref. Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews on orchid)