Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Blue Springs: A Gift of Christmas

Yesterday's spontaneity brought us to nearby Blue Springs State Park for a walk in nature and hopefully a glimpse of a manatee or two.  We were in luck; the cool weather brought these gentle creatures into the springs for a close up look.

Then this unusual sight--a trio of cormorants were joined by a large turtle sunbathing on a fallen limb.
Cormorants and A Turtle
At home, I looked up these three special messengers.

Manatee symbolizes trust; trust in others to do the right thing; gentleness.  The manatees use all of their senses and as such remind us to do likewise in our daily lives.  Are we relying solely on one input and not taking in as much info as we should. These gentle watery mammals see well. They have a special membrane which helps to clean their eyes.  A reminder to step back and clear our vision from time to time.  Are we looking at things too closely? Or not closely enough? When you spot a manatee ask yourself if you trust your feelings?  Is it time to seek gentler and warmer environments within your own life?  Trust your heart.  Examine your trust in others and follow your own sense of what's right.

The turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth.  Its shell suggests a hemisphere, and the structure upon the shell, a mountain.  Its movements are slow and calm.  If you encounter a turtle, it is time for a turnaround in your life.  The turtle is old and wise, and lives in Earth's harmony.  If it happens to enter your life, it could be a sign to loosen your protective shell, in which you may be hiding.

The turtle as the messenger of Mother Earth is also a messenger of love.  The power that nourishes all life.  This power gives your life new direction and makes new creation possible, but slowly.  Do not rush into anything, but keep solid ground under your feet.  This one is basking in the light.

The cormorant, an aquatic bird, speaks to the world of emotions.  Is there a prayer deep within that you are repressing?  If a cormorant is seen drying its feathers in a prayer-like position, it is an invitation to open yourself up to yourself, look into your deepest being that place where the divine enters.  Pray for answers, guidance, courage, and strength.

Christmas day can bring a special blend of friends and family in nature and at home.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

References:  Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews; Animal Messengers, Regula Meyer