Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Peace Angel and the Allamanda Plant: An Angel Message

Yesterday while running errands, a stop at a local bookstore turned up a lovely surprise; a box of Angel of Peace cards with a simple message:  Peace on Earth and in your Heart.

On the way home, a nature stop brought peace even closer.  At the lake, a young woman sat on a picnic table, her tall handsome companion beside her.  In the sunlight, I couldn't help but notice that their pony tails were similar in color, a burnished brown.

Although Lake Helen is horse country, rarely does one appear lakeside.

I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to get a picture for the angel blog. Horse represents power, forward movement.  Turns out, the young equestrian has just returned from a three-month tour at a Marine boot camp.  Her dear four-legged friend has missed her, and is in need of some loving attention.  I was surprised to learn that this young woman has dedicated her life to preserving the freedoms we all enjoy.  She yearns to see a world free of starving children, violence, people losing their inherent rights like we have in our country.  She comes from a family who has served the military.  Her compassion weighs heavy as I listen to her speak.

We talk about living peace in each moment, looking for the beauty and joy in the now. We both look forward to peace on Earth for everyone. I rub Brandy's long face, his star forehead, as those big brown eyes gaze into my own.   What joy to see again, eye to eye.

My young Marine friend agrees to send me a photo as my cellphone is in need of a recharge.  I offer to stay in touch and wish her well.

In the garden early this morning, my attention is drawn to the Peace Pole.  I notice a spindly long legged plant had stretched its leafy arm across the way, growing tall to embrace the PEACE Pole.  The symbolism isn't lost on me.  Peace is a goal worth striving for, both on Earth and in our hearts.

A quick search on-line revealed another surprise.  The yellow Allamanda vine is sometimes called a golden trumpet!  Turns out, it symbolizes victory will triumph over all obstacles.  It also means Heavenly Chief.  Peace on Earth.

Have a day of peace with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Artwork:  Peace Angel, copyright Kinuko Y. Craft,
printed in South Korea)