Saturday, January 5, 2019

A Salute to Buttercup: An Angel Message

The wild buttercup growing against all odds--out of a crack in the stucco wall by the back door--continues to be a joyful messenger.  The buttery colored flower is a sign to develop better self-worth.  Because with proper self-worth, we can succeed in any environment as this flower so beautifully teaches. 

 On New Year's Eve, I opened the back door, hoping to see a bud in bloom.  It doesn't happen everyday.  Sure enough, a single sunny flower had blossomed like a golden crown atop the tall green leafy plant. Since seeded by the wind last spring, this persevering plant is now taller than I am! Like an old friend,  I speak to it in my comings and goings.

So thank you, buttercup angel messenger for bringing a message of hope in the New Year.  A lesson to keep on stretching upward toward the Light day by day-- that we too, have got what it takes to overcome all odds.  Spiritual power.

Buttercup also heralds a time of healing and understanding. It alerts you to opportunities for new life directions, and for sharing your light with others.  So feel free to express yourself as the power of your words will have greater power now when applied to healing.

Have a joyful day with the angels.  Watch for what unusual nature messages come across your path.   

Rae Karen

Note:  Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews, buttercup)