Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Casey and the Bear: An Angel Message

Teddy Bear Christmas Sticker

Saturday morning, I woke up and found a sticker on the leg of my pajama pants. I laughed, and turned on the lamp.  It did seem like one of those obvious angel messages. After all, how often does something like that happen?   Curious, I peeled it off, wondering about the nature of the stamp. Turning it around by the lamp, Elliot and I could see it was a child's Christmas teddy bear.  A sweet picture, it didn't mean much to me at the time.   I have a  desk drawer of stickers that I use to decorate postcards I send to children.  I hadn't seen it before.  But this little care bear must have gotten stuck on me while addressing cards last week, and had gone through the wash.

Later Saturday morning, it all came together when I found myself  on-line reading a heartwarming story about the rescue of a three-year-old boy who had been lost in the woods for two days. I don't usually read the news and wondered why I was hooked on this story. When I got to the last line, a light bulb went off in my head.  Having survived the freezing cold temperatures in wind, rain, and dark nights, little Casey Hathaway told the sheriff that he had a friend in the woods that was with him.  A bear.   

A bear! I love it!  Feeling a kinship with all life, what joy I felt that this little fellow had been protected by a bear.  Out of the mouths of babes!

I recalled a story I'd read many years ago about a hunter who got hopelessly separated from his party and was lost in the forest in freezing temperatures.  That long night, leaning up against the back of a tree, he thought his life was over.  Then, he saw an elk approach him, and gently laid down beside him, his massive weight warming the man's body during the night.  When the hunter woke up the next morning, he thought maybe it had only been a dream, he'd been hallucinating, but then he saw the elk's imprint in the snow where he had rested beside him protecting him from the cold.  The hunter had a change of heart, and never picked up a rifle again.  

Isn't it comforting to know that God's law of adjustment can come in many ways?  Miracles do happen.  And, angels may come in many guises in our hour of need. 

Curious, I later looked up the symbolism of teddy bears on-line.  These cuddly animals represent love, care, tenderness, and childhood. Teddy bear brings a reminder to open our hearts and become more caring and understanding of the situation.  "Perhaps there is someone in your life who may need your loving kindness, rather than your judgment."

A good message for all.  Enjoy your day and watch for the happy things of God and his angels to come to you.  Miracles do happen.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen