Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcoming the Birth of a New Year: An Angel Message

On New Year's Eve, an angel nudge brought my attention to a lovely visual image on the dining room wall. The late afternoon sun had created a muted reflection of our stained glass purple iris, hanging high up in the dining room window!  To my delight, it had cast a floral backdrop where the carved wooden statue of the Blessed Mother stands on the fireplace mantle.

I'm always so grateful when these unexpected gifts appear although I didn't make the connection of Mary with the iris until this morning when I looked out the porch window.  Two white African irises joyfully greeted the sunshine of a New Year.  The other flowers were mostly at rest, but these two floral apostles seemed eager to usher in a powerful message.

 Iris represents a need to keep on having faith, for a new birth will soon be coming!  It brings with it a new sense of peace and well-being.  A message we can all use as we go through the travailing process!

 In reviewing the iris symbolism just now, I read that the iris is sacred to the Blessed Mother as Archangel Gabriel is often painted as presenting Mary with an iris as he announces God's plan for her to become the mother of Christ.

New Year's Morn - African Iris 
2nd Iris 
So keep smiling to Life and be not deceived by appearances.  Love more and fear less, is always the message of the angels.  More is going on than meets the eye.  Trust that God loves you and is working everything out according to divine plan.  A new birth is on the horizon, so as best as we can keep our prayers and thoughts on high, and remember that you are not alone.  He has given his angels charge over thee.

Love and joyful blessings for a wonderful happy, healthy, and uplifting New Year.

Rae Karen