Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hei Hei: A Window of Purr-fection

One clue will usually lead to another if we keep our eyes open along the way.  But it isn't until the goal is completed that we can piece together the events that lead up to a perfect picture.  For instance, last summer, I came across a vintage postcard of a cosmic cat looking in the living window of a house.  Loving cats in a BIG way, this card was a keeper. 

For the past year, Elliot and I have been in search of a furry feline to join the family, but it just wasn't happening for one reason or another.  

Last Tuesday, while out for an afternoon drive in the sunshine, Elliot suggested stopping by the local animal shelter to share love with the cats.  Spontaneity is the language of angels.  We knew something was up as we turned off the main road.  A BIG YELLOW HEAVY DUTY Road Grader was smoothing our way as we slowly followed it down the long dirt road to the wooded shelter.  Amused by the timing, we laughed, wondering if it was a sign that the road had been cleared before us to find and adopt the "right" cat.

It turned out that a cute six-month-old tabby male had been admitted the day before.  A perfect match as little Hei-Hei greeted us with bright eyes and eager paws.  The cuddly kitten had been named by a local mayor who had found the stray and given it her initials, after delivering him to the shelter for adoption.

His name has a spiritual meaning.  "Hei" is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (pronounced Hey). The shape of the letter Hei is like a window that is slightly open at the top and represents illumination. Light.

On our way home from the shelter, we passed by the large CAT Grader as it waited to turn farther down the main road.  From that angle we could clearly see CAT in big letters on the truck's cab! The universe is certainly playful. We laughed, heading home with our little Hei-Hei who has since opened a great window of joyful love, illumining our lives in purrrfection.

Would you believe a few days later, I got a postcard from Sweden, with the greeting Hej Hej which means Hey Hey in Swedish.   I love it!!

Enjoy your day with the Angels.  Have fun watching for the happy things of God to come to you.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen