Sunday, November 3, 2019

A Call for Love: An Angel Message

Sometimes a drive out in the country helps to clear your head.  The daily news takes its toll even if you try to keep it at a small dose.  Prayer and meditation are important.  Another remedy can be helpful.   Step away, and be still.  Do something different.  Take a break from your problems and just be, thankful.

Yesterday afternoon, Elliot and I stopped by the rural orchid farm to say hello to our donkey friend.  Sometimes things run hot; other times, cold, or just plain lukewarm.  I'll admit when Alahambre came to see us at the fence, some of my old fears had returned.  His enormous mouth, big teeth and steady gaze made me a little uneasy. 

 Elliot stepped right up and reached over the fence, patting the burrow, and talking lovingly.  When he was done,  I held back, not trusting. 

His enormous face turned my way.  With big brown eyes he seemed to say, "Now it's your turn."
I looked at him and had to smile.  His loving spirit was so eager and open, before long I was stroking his brow, and whispering sweet words as I gently picked the sticky burrs off his back. 

A funny thing happened as I was walking toward the purple lotus pond to see the Koi fish.  He kept pace with me, walking along the other side of a wire fence.  As I moved away from him, I heard one of those painfully long woeful HEE-HAWS! 

His call was so loud that it shattered the serenity of the orchid farm. 

I turned to see him. 

What a heartbreaking call for LOVE.  With nostrils flared, ears pinned back, baring his front teeth, he was in high-gear. 

It may seem strange to say what I felt in that moment.  My heart melted.  He really does love me!  I thought, in amazement, wondering why.

What could I do, but return to the fence, reach out, and answer the Call for Love.  I gave  him another warm friendly "I love you, too" pats on the head.  And, all was well.

LOVE is the answer.

Is there someone who needs a LOVE pat from you today?

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

photo:  Our donkey friend at Orchid Farm 11/2/19