Friday, November 22, 2019

Unexpected Gifts: Angel Message

I'm so thankful to be learning more and more about the blessings of spontaneity, by just letting the day gently unfold. Being nudged by loving angel thoughts, not my own concrete planning.

 Late Wednesday afternoon while visiting the old city of St. Augustine, Elliot and I decided to make an impromptu drive across the bridge to Vilano Beach.  It's a quiet beach with little traffic, a throw-back to simpler times.   Looking out at the expansive sea, with its constant tides was like a homecoming.   I could breathe deeply, watching the white capped waves roll into the sandy shore, one after another. 

 A flock of cute little  brown and white sandpipers, on long stick-like legs, scurried along the shoreline, dodging the watery fingers of the incoming tide. Single minded on the goal, their long black beaks penetrated the wet sand foraging for dinner.  Their efforts paid off.   Food was plentiful.   

To my delight, something else had arrived in plenty.  Seashells!  Whole and perfect, a rare treat, waiting to be collected in one small sandy area.   The late afternoon sun glistened making each shell a treasure. Never has seashell collecting been so effortless.   And, I hadn't planned on looking for shells.  But there they were, as if they had been a special gift from the sea.  

But it gets even better, the spontaneity thing.  

Because the next day, on a whim, we returned to Vilano Beach for one last look at the ocean before returning home.  As we climbed up the steps to the wooden lookout bench, I couldn't believe what I saw on the deck by the railing. 

Two pure white Angelwing shells!  Beautifully detailed by nature,  they come astonishingly close to how we imagine the wings of  an angel.  My heart warmed at the gift, some human angel had so thoughtfully delivered.  

Smiling, I gently picked up the delicate beautiful shells, with such a joyful feeling that angels are guiding. They are real celestial beings.  Although they are unseen, they do not go unnoticed.  The pair of Angelwings felt like a sign of good things to come. 

Angelwing Shells - 11/20/19

 Isn't it wonderful to understand that unseen loving angels are here to guide, protect, and help us to grow spiritually on this adventure called Life.  It's thankfully rewarding to listen and allow life to unfold moment by moment. What spontaneous angel thoughts are whispering to you today?

Hei-Hei looking over the stash

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen