Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Learning to Bend: An Angel Message

Last week in St. Augustine, I was sitting on a stone bench mulling over a longstanding problem.  While looking at the clear reflection pool, I was feeling rather hulled out, when my attention suddenly shifted to the old majestic tree shading me from the sun.

 I found myself identifying with her as I studied the deep recesses of her gray weathered trunk and her twisted, knotty branches. With her back to me, I could see that she was resilient, having overcome many storms.  A willingness to bend with the winds was her secret.  Still present, anchored in sacred soil, she was a living testimony to the wisdom of being flexible.

I could see over the years, through many challenging experiences, her demeanor had changed.  Now she appeared with grace as she humbly bowed down low, with arms arched back, ready to dive into the reflection pool to welcome all.

 The wise old tree was a teacher for me.  I had been grappling with some personal problems and felt a need to take matters in my own hand.  But in the tranquil moment under the bough of the cypress, I could see how important it is to not become too rigid. 

On a playful whim, I decided to ask the old tree a question.  I wondered if she was happy to have lived her life that way--always bending and serving this way.  Did she regret that she wasn't like the other trees, growing straight and tall.   

It may sound silly, but I felt a smile from her quick retort,  "Well, you're talking to me, aren't you?  I don't see you entertaining the normal trees."

I laughed at her wit, and recognized that often we are cast in a different stance, not as stately or direct as others, but in an open way that makes us unique and accessible.  I know that we are not these bodies; we are pure sparks of God.  What matters in the end is how well we have loved and served and made the world a better place by just being here. 

Sometimes, nature taps us on the shoulder to help us gain introspection.  The funny thing is the problem may not be what you think the problem is.  It is a matter of reflection.  Splash!

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen