Saturday, July 28, 2012

Don't Panic, Just Float

Sometimes it may seem as though someone is hopelessly entangled in a great many false beliefs:  fear, sickness, guilt and discouragement bind him. Freedom seems to avail itself to everyone but him and struggle as he may, it eludes him completely.  I recently read a story that helped to illustrate this point. Two friends had gone swimming in the ocean.  When a considerable distance from the beach, one became enmeshed in seaweed that severely hampered his ability to move.  So entangled did he become that he feared for his life.  He struggled with the weed to kick it from him, desperately trying to free himself, but to no avail.  The harder he fought, the more determined did it cling around him.  Becoming fearful, he shouted to his companion for help.  His friend advised him to stop struggling and stay calm, to just float, letting the waves carry away the obstruction.  He tried this plan and found that it worked, for quite soon all the seaweed had washed away.

This experience reminded me of how often fear causes one to become more and more involved in difficulties.  How fear urges to fight, wrestle and wrangle...only to find ourselves even more entangled in erroneous beliefs.  Tired and discouraged, at last the divinely inspired angel message comes:  "Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters of mortal mind, and form the perfect concept.  Patience must have her perfect work." (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures) In confidence and quietness,  we are able to allow the pure stream of right thinking to wash away our bonds.  This is the way to freedom.

Enjoy your day with the Angels,


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