Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Cormorant at Lunch: An Angel Message

How are angel messages coming to you?  Often they come when least expected, popping up out of the blue, with an element of surprise.  Aha! That's what happened yesterday at lunch time.    Elliot and I had made a last minute choice to take our carryout lunch to a beautiful lake park not far from town.   While sitting near the still water's edge, admiring the reflection, from out of the depths,  something strange emerged. 

At first, it looked like a black snake-- its elongated neck, sticking straight up like a yard stick as it wiggled along.  Snakes in the lake...  That explained the NO SWIMMING sign. 

 But, to our surprise, when the black snake turned ever so slightly, we recognized a familiar beak. It was a black bird with a fish in it!  The Great Cormorant's long black neck, stretched to the max above water, struggled to keep his catch.  Perseverance soon paid off.  In amazement, we watched that bird swallow the fish whole.     

The timing and unusual activity seemed significant, so later I looked up the symbolism of the cormorant.

The cormorant teaches us how to dive into the waters of life creatively especially if we wish a new birth.  If you go deeper, answers and solutions will be found.  Trust in your own methods and you will accomplish things in unique ways others cannot.

Some questions to ask when cormorant appears:

Are we hesitating to act on our ideas?
Are we diving in without thought or reason?
Are we ignoring opportunities for new birth?
Do we need to take advantage of new learning opportunities?

So if you're reading this just now, the message may apply to you as well.  2020 is a new year with fresh energies to creatively share and grow.  20/20 vision, to see clearly with the eyes of the Christ. I will try harder to follow the cormorant's lesson and be less hesitant in sharing creative ideas in order to welcome a new birth.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

Reference:  Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews
Photos: google web