Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Stay on the Roof: An Angel Message

On an early morning run to send out postcards, before returning home from the mailbox, an angel message popped up.  "Go see the peacocks." 

All was quiet as Elliot and I came up the drive at the rehabilitation center.  Not a peacock was in sight as our eyes scanned the grass, bushes and trees for a glimpse of our favorite birds.  It seemed like a misguided angel message, until I happened to look up. 

Guidance was good!  There on the rooftop of a building was a beautiful sight.  A lone peacock stood like a sentinel in the sunlight.  

 Peacocks are often symbols of watchfulness because of their feathery eyed plumage, and also represent the Christ and resurrection energy.  

Smiling, I got the message. Stay on the roof, and don't come down to entertain lower thoughts of fear or doubt that knock on your door.  House is a metaphor for consciousness, and often I'm reminded to stay up on the roof, (higher consciousness).     

The lone peacock watching on the roof top of a new day was a heartwarming message. 

Sunlight shining on my viewfinder made it hard to see how the zoom was doing.  His timing was good though as I managed to get a few pics before he moved  on, across the shingled roof.  I was thankful for the glorious image that stayed with me. 

Today I'll try to be more vigilant for watching on-high, and not be fooled into coming down from the roof to entertain any fear thoughts that try to gain entry. 

The angels are here to guide us.   Their hopeful message is to keep having faith and trust in God.  More is going on than meets the human five senses. All is well.  Infinite Love conquers all.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen