Thursday, February 27, 2020

Make No Bones About It! - An Angel Message

It's funny how an angel message can wing its way into your awareness in a very unusual and amusing way.  Elliot and I knew something was up while recently vacationing at the beach.  We like to begin each day by reading aloud a chapter from the Bible.  While I was reading Acts 13,  Elliot saw a flock of seagulls soar close to our 3rd floor balcony.  He heard a distinct CLUNK.  Later we found a special delivery outside our slider door.   A chicken bone!

Curious about the meaning, I learned on-line, that a chicken bone is a sign that something good is going to happen for sure.  That was good news.   

As I was writing in my journal about the unusual seagull delivery, "Make no bones about it," came to mind.   Again, I looked to the web for clarity.  "To make no bones about it is to say clearly what you think or feel about something, however unpleasant or awkward.  To say something in a way that leaves no doubt or to have no objection to it."

Seagulls represent "responsible behavior and communication."  They have an intricate code of behavior, and have developed a regular signal for all of their ritual activities.  They use a combo of calls and gestures.  The appearance of a gull may indicate lessons or abilities in proper behavior, courtesy, and communication.  It may reflect that you need the lessons or that you may become a teacher of such.  It may also reflect new learning in the subtleties of communication. 

Writing the angel blog just now, the message of the seagull and chicken bone became clear.  Don't chicken out, but speak courteously and clearly what you mean to say.  Let your yay be yay.  And, your nay be nay.

I'm so thankful for these angel messages that come at just the right time.  What are the angels trying to convey to you today?  It's fun to stay open to receive.  

Make no bones about it.  :-D  The angels are real and ready to help and guide our way to upward thought, to communication with God.  

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen 

Seagull reference:  Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews