Friday, April 24, 2020

Iris Surprise: An Angel Message

Since beginning my spiritual path, many years ago, purple irises have been a sign from God and the angels that I am on the right path.  At our new place, shortly after moving in, I discovered a stack of forgotten artwork tucked away underneath an awning behind the garage.  Rain was in the forecast so I moved the paintings into the garage for safekeeping.

The synchronicity of finding this beautiful iris pastoral painting seemed significant. Over the weeks,  I tried to ignore the angel nudge to hang it inside the house.  The heavy wooden frame was broken, the glass inlay missing, but still...

 Whenever I looked at the orange autumn trees, the cluster of blooming purple irises eagerly peeking out on the hillside, the call of the distant mountain, I found peace.

Last Sunday, I took the nudging to heart.   No matter the condition of the artwork, the message was still clear, it still had purpose.  I wanted it for my little den where I could sit at the desk and take a journey to that sacred, quiet spot in nature. 

While out in the garage, I asked my husband for help.  He shook his head.  Maybe superglue could fix the wood frame? I said.

 He picked up the large picture, two sides fell apart. 

Elliot, a handy carpenter, with the help of the angels, got out a hammer and began pounding the frame.  I hoped the wood wouldn't split.   All went well because within a matter of minutes the idyllic picture was restored to wholeness.  A little touch of whiteout covered up a slight gash in the white matting.

Together we hung the irises in the den over the love-seat.  That's when I noticed the artist had penned her masterpiece.  For some reason it seemed important to learn the title.  A quick search on-line revealed why!   Iris Sunrise!  by Jill S. McGannon.

Wow.  I hadn't expected the irises to be show-cased in such a powerful way.  What I had mistaken for a sunset was the dawn of a new beginning in the autumn of life.  And, just like that broken down forgotten painting, it, too, faces a new day, reminding me to do the same.  

I'm so thankful for the iris message at this time of  global transformation, its reassuring to know that resurrection energy is at hand, and a glorious new sunrise will soon dawn.

Iris was once the common word for rainbow...

Enjoy your day with the angels.

Love and peace,

Rae Karen