Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Detour to the Market: Angel Message

Early this morning, on the way to the weekly farmer's market in town, nature gave Elliot and me a signal to slow down.  Rounding the bend on the lakeside road, a tall, stately all-white bird wading in the sunlit waters sent out a signal to stop and capture the moment.

Sitting on the picnic bench, soaking up a heavenly blend of sunshine and cool breeze, we were thankful for the detour.  The mirror of the trees on the calm lake reflected a harmony that blanketed the park.  Grace was in the air, so palpable you could almost reach out and touch the sanctity it offered.

That big elegant white bird, with its long yellow beak, turned out to be a Great Egret, wading on stilt-like black legs among the reeds, in search of small fish. 

I happened to snap this pic as a turkey buzzard glided by for a landing.

And, this comical pose of a turkey vulture preening on the measurement stick, seemed to bring a message about how you're measuring up on some scale.  Curious, I looked up the symbolism in Animal-Speak.  Since the vulture has no real voice, it forces air out of its bill to hiss. This may reflect a lesson on acting rather than talking about performing.  This bird is also considered a sign of a new relationship between the volatile aspects of life and the fixed psychic energies and the cosmic forces.  It was a promise that the suffering of the immediate was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose was at work, even if not understood at the time.

Feeling refreshed and renewed, we went on to the market as planned, and returned home with some wonderful fresh vegetables, including asparagus. It's fun to allow the angels to guide, otherwise the ordinary fails to become extraordinary, and life can lose its flavor.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Joyful blessings,

Rae Karen