Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Don't You Know? An Angel Message

Sometimes angels may deliver a message in a song.  It may sneak up on you when least expected and pull the strings of your heart. 
I woke up early this morning feeling well-rested and effervescent for a change.  It was still dark as I laid in bed not fully awake.  A  beautiful song wafted through the ethers.  A  big orchestra sound with melodious strings stirred my memory, but the only words I could grasp were "Don't you Know?" da da da da da da

In that moment, a feeling so tender and loving washed over me, touching my heart.  It may sound strange, but it felt like a love song from God, or my guardian angel.  Someone who knew me better than I knew myself.   Someone who wanted to remind me that I am dearly loved.

Curious, to find the lyrics, I wiped my eyes and  looked on line, thinking it was from the movie Moon Struck.  Turns out, the song Don't You Know was adapted from Muzetta's Waltz from Puccini's La Boheme.  Bobbie Worth, the songwriter had Della Reese record the hit in the 50's.

Click here to listen to Della Reese's Hit Don't You Know

The celestial synchronicity that the co-star from the TV series, Touched by An Angel, made the song  a hit was even more meaningful.

During troubling times, these loving angel messages soften our hearts and encourage us to keep having faith.  God is Love.  More is going on than we realize.  You are dearly loved.

You can listen to the instrumental and read the lyrics.  Click Don't You Know? and imagine your loving angel messenger touching your heart with this message.

"Don't you know
I have fallen in love with you
For the rest of my whole life through


Now don't you know
Every beat of my heart keeps crying out
I love you so.
Don't you know"

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen