Saturday, July 25, 2020

More Than You Think: An Angel Message

Nature is always teaching lessons and today was no different.  As we pulled in at the lake, a pair of ducks were swimming in the water.  Far away, my chances of getting a good picture were slim, but, as usual, I asked for help from the angels.  Steadying the camera, the sun glared on the LCD panel making my efforts even more unlikely to succeed.  I could only see my reflection.

But I kept at it, trusting, and to my dismay the ducks quickly paddled near the shore, shrouded by the reeds before I could react.  

With the zoom, I kept taking pics, asking the angels, but not really feeling like much was happening.  Later, at home, what a treat.  Two pairs of birds were in the photo! The red markings on the beautiful cranes are heart-shaped. A sign to keep sending love. 

To my surprise, the ducky duo marched up the grassy hill toward the picnic table.  They came right over, giving me a perfect photo op.  I had to laugh at their willingness. 

After a few photos, the wind shifted, and the female spread her wings, flapping the sky she flew off soaring over the lake.  Soon, her mate followed in a mighty rush of wings.  They had gotten the call.  What a thrill to feel the air stir as those large wings flapped hard, lifting him up into full flight. It happened so fast, there was no time to aim the camera. I watched them fly farther down the lake, and splash in the tall reeds on the other side of the water.  They had answered the call.

Thanks to the birds, a lesson was taught on doing our best and leaving the rest to God.  What I thought had been nothing as far as the nature photos turned out to be much more than I thought. 

And, I was thankful for another reminder that help is always around when we stop and ask the angels to give us a hand.  Success can come in the most unlikely ways, no matter what the situation.

Ducks bring a message of emotions being soothed.  Stay in a comfortable environment and your difficulties will be easily handled.  Seek out emotional comfort and protection. 

And, the sandhill crane symbolize sacred guardianship.

Love and joyful blessings,

Rae Karen

(Ref. Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews)