Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Graceful Surprise: An Angel Message


Earlier this week, an angel message prompted us to make a quick stop by the lake on our way home.   I was glad we did.  What a surprise to find a Muscovy mama duck shepherding six cute little ducklings.  Six is the number of harmony and domestic adjustment.  

Mama was keeping a low profile--guiding her precious ones through the shallow waters, among the safe shelter of the reeds.  The family was in one accord, obediently following Mama. Bobbing up and down like fast shifting corks, the lightweight fuzzy cluster flowed in unison, often being forced to rearrange their order due to the gentle rippling tide.  Instinctively her young brood knew to stay together, and close by Mama's side.  Her strong web feet paddled like rudders on a boat, navigating them through the varying waters.    

 No other birds were around, and the grayness of the late afternoon, gave the lake a quiet, cozy peace that blanketed the moment's joy.   In two month's time, her brood will have their wings and take off on their own, but for now Mama must stay vigilant for their protection.

The sighting seemed significant. Ducks are usually born in the spring.  Again, the symbolism of  the duck is about comfort and protection.  The duck's connection to water makes it linked to the feminine energies.  Water is necessary for all life on earth.  Ducks are graceful upon the water, smoothly gliding along the surface, while paddling hard to navigate the waters. We can take a lesson from duck and learn to learn to handle our own emotions, by moving gracefully through the varying waters of life.  Ducks can sometimes remind us to return to those parts of ourselves, or the activities that we feel safe and comfortable in.  Don't be like a "duck out of water". 


The angels remind us that we, too, can navigate the waters of life by remembering that we are never alone.  God has sent His angels to watch over you.  Watch, pray, and stay vigilant for His direction to guide you.  God is Love. And, He will never leave you comfortless. You are here for a divine purpose. Trust that there is more going on than you can presently understand...and take it one day at a time in gratitude for both the good, and the harder lessons being learned at this tumultuous time.  These circumstances are forcing us to come up higher, and with Grace we'll be there.  

Love and peace,


Rae Karen