Friday, March 26, 2021

2 + 2 = 4 An Angel Message

 Another amusing angel lesson appeared near the community mailbox today.  The white rooster that lives on the farm next door was standing in the middle of the road. I got out of the car to make sure he got home safely, not sure how that would happen. I'd only seen Chanticleer (my name for him) once before, but often  hear his wake-up call.  

To my relief, that speedy rooster had crossed to the other side, and was now making tracks for home as I followed him down the dirt road.

 I was happy to see he ignored the NO TRESPASSING SIGN on the wide metal gate, and ducked under the lowest slat, safely back at home with the hens.   Not exactly cooperative for a photo op, that feisty rooster quickly strutted behind an old tree, and let out a cock a doodle doo as I bent down to take his picture between the slats.  

Turns out a bit of synchronicity was at play.  The day before on our walk to the mailbox, Elliot had almost collided with a tiny inchworm.  It was swinging down on an invisible thread, tied to an upward unseen source.  I snapped the camera, hoping to catch him measuring along.  But a sudden gust of wind bounced the tiny worm so high, I was out of luck.  

Then the lilting words to the Inch Worm Song came to mind: 

 2 + 2 are 4

4 + 4 are 8

8 + 8 are 16

16 + 16 are 32

Inch worm, inch worm

Measuring the marigolds.

You and your arithmetic,

You'll probably go far.

Inch worm, inch worm

Measuring the marigolds

Seems to me you'd stop and see

How beautiful they are.

I got it.  A gentle reminder to think more from the heart and less from the head.  Something I'm guilty of at times, over-analyzing. 

So today, back at home, before going inside, imagine my surprise as I gathered my stuff up in the car.  The mail, my camera...

LOL, the angels of nature had done it again!  When I looked down at my lap, what a surprise.  A tiny green inchworm was resting on my pant leg!

Go figure! It felt as though I'd been touched by an angel.

The  little hitchhiker must have climbed aboard my pants when I was in pursuit of the rooster.  Cock a doodle doo.  A wake up call to remember that angels are with us on this journey, helping and guiding us toward a safe return home. We are never alone.   "God plus one is a majority." 

 I was humbled for yet another lesson on enjoying the beauty of nature in the moment, and not trying to analyze the best angle for a photo. One thing leads to another...and what is yours will come to you to help you grow and share. Trust in divine timing.

Oh, and the little journeyer was escorted on a prayer card to a green leafy branch by the pasture.

Enjoy your day with the Angels.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen