Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sandhill Crane Family: Angel Message

 When sandhill cranes appear there is usually some hidden protection around us.  Sandhills are high flyers and they often announce their presence with loud calls.  This is why they are often considered noble guardians, calling out loudly to forewarn.  It is time to focus on protection.

The sandhill family at the lake is growing, and Stretch, the little colt, is no longer so little, as you can see. 

A few weeks ago, a man and his wife were walking their leashed collie along the gravel road by the lake.  A peaceful calm evening suddenly had a rumble in the force. 

The sandhill family, wading at the water's edge, were foraging for dinner among the tall reeds when papa crane let out a loud warning. 

I tried my best to hold the peace. Prayers went up for protection for all.  

The papa crane watched, on the shore,  a safe distance from the road, and the mama and wading colt.

Little Stretch sensing trouble took action.   We tried to spot him in the watery reeds.   The next thing we knew,  he had launched out like a duck to water!  It was amazing to see how fast he could swim, aiming to find refuge on the far side of the lake. 

I pointed out the colt's fuzzy tall golden head bobbing up and down in the lake to the lady who had come closer to the water.  Oh! he's gotten so big! she said.  Her husband stood back, watching with their low-key dog. 

"I didn't know sandhills can swim!" I told her,  having compassion for the frightened colt paddling like mad. "The dog must have scared him." I hoped she would take a hint, and they strolled on down the road and disappeared around the corner.   

Danger had passed. The colt's parents stood lakeside, patiently watching their offspring swim far from the safety of the shore.  He didn't look back. His goal was to get to the far side. 

Beaks pointed skyward, they let out a cry to him, but he kept on going. I've never seen adult sandhills swim before. How would they reunite? Stretch has yet to earn his wings.

What happened next was very moving and tender.  

Both parents spread their sheltering wings and flew out to the middle of the lake to join their seafaring son in the cool sunset waters.  Together the happy threesome swam safely back to shore, not far from their original nest. The story had a happy ending.

We all need to be patient and helpful with our loved ones now more than ever. Sometimes we need to be a temporary guardian for another.   These are perilous times of uncharted waters, but with the help of the angelic realm, and the Holy Spirit all will be well.


God is Love.  Angels guide, protect, and comfort you. You are never alone.  So keep having faith that more is going on than you can presently understand.  One day at a time, in gratitude, is the best way to pass every test.

Joyful blessings,


Rae Karen