Sunday, May 23, 2021

Eyes Judge Not: An Angel Message

A little red Miracles sticker on our kitchen window helps me begin each day with a good attitude. While making oatmeal, I read: 




                                                          --A Course in Miracles

No turning on the news, but going within, and being still, expecting good things to come because God is good. It makes a world of difference as to how I greet each new day. We don't always get what we want, we get what we vibrate. Joy and happiness are our spiritual birthright, and cannot be taken away unless we willingly give them up by yielding to the ego's demands to be right.   

Yesterday nature taught me a fun lesson on not judging by appearances.  It happened when I spotted a lonesome duck swimming toward the shore from the far end of the sunlit lake.   The sight of him paddling alone in the big wide lake tugged on my heart.  

Lately, a duck has been hanging out alone under the picnic table. Was this the same one out for a morning swim? His loneliness was perhaps a reflection of my own cares about a loved one who longs for a mate to share his life. 

A good distance away, I watched him  paddle forward in the sunlit waters.  His steady motion made a wake among the yellow lotus blossoms that had resurfaced, making a comeback.  

To my surprise, in that moment, the scene shifted.  I was given a glimpse of the big picture!  

Those yellow blobs rippling out in the middle of the lake were not yellow lotus flowers!  

A happy fleet of yellow ducklings were paddling in tandem.   Alone! I laughed at myself.  It was the largest brood I've yet to see.    

I walked down to the water's edge to admire the fuzzy flock.  Safely tucked away in the shelter of tall reeds, Mama seemed pleased when I asked for a family photo.   Nope, I'm not alone... See, I've got a dozen! 

Ducks bring a message to seek out emotional comfort and protection.  Stay in a comfortable environment to soothe emotions.  Difficulties will be easily handled. 

I was thankful for the loving reminder.  It may appear that we are alone, but in truth we are always in the presence of angels who are charged to watch over us.  It may seem like things are at a standstill, but something wonderful is happening below the surface, deep within, bringing new life.  Trust that there is more than you can presently understand, and expect a joyful new birth in your experience.  Everything has its season.  Who can judge by appearance? 

Expect the happy things of God to come to you today.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

Ref. Animal-Speak Pocket Guide, Ted Andrews