Monday, May 3, 2021

A Concrete Angel Message

If you enjoy nature, you've probably noticed some unusual circumstances that pop up as tailor- made lessons for you.  Last week a lost earthworm was stretched out on the concrete terrace step, far from any sign of good soil.  Easy bait for any bird, I spotted him from the sunroom. 

At first,  I let it be, not wanting to interfere with nature. But since his predicament was under my nose, it seemed like one of those deliberate angel messages.  

Later, when I looked out again, he had made no progress in navigating the stony hard surface, far from his natural environment.  

With compassion for a fellow gardener, I was guided to lend a helping hand.  I grabbed a tissue and  gently transplanted him to a nearby clay pot of red pentas.   He wiggled and squirmed, but in the long run, I think he was happy to be back on purpose in good soil where he can continue his work and grow.

Shortly after the rescue, five little sparrows came twittering and flitting, pecking away at my prize red geraniums! At least I was thankful they didn't go for the pentas.   One little bird landed on the tall angel statue that tenderly holds a bird. I got the message.  The birds get fed in many ways.  Let it be.

The timing was interesting, having spared the lost worm, hungry little sparrows were having a picnic on the full blossomed geraniums. Oh well, it was a good lesson on letting go, non-attachment. Soon the little flock flew away.  To my surprise, the geraniums were mostly intact, and so was my disposition.  :-D


Later, I looked up the symbolism of an earthworm. It represents security and retreat.  Well, that was a fit.

A nature reference* explained that earthworms enter our consciousness when we return to the earth.  "Perhaps in recent times you've had many emotions to work through.  Perhaps your consciousness is longing for security, for a return to the earth.  The earthworm invites us to relax and let go.  It is probably time to give yourself, your body, and your digestive system a rest.  Perhaps you would do well to retreat into silence, away from life's many impressions, expectations, and inspirations.  "Do not demand too much of yourself and let your soul fly a little."  

Another source** advised earthworms are symbolic of working old ground.  When one appears it is time to work over all we have been experiencing, examining and digesting what has occurred in our life.  Then we can determine what must be cast off, what is no longer beneficial or suitable for us, a necessary process to let in some fresh air and open to new growth.  Earthworms often appear in times of turmoil, and we often find ourselves wanting to be alone.  Earthworm reminds us to work over the old thoroughly before moving on to the new. 

A good message for all of us  now.

What angel messages are coming to you today?  I'm always amazed by how timely and appropriate each message is.  

Your guardian angel is always with  you, what a wonderful journey it becomes when we invite that heavenly companion to be with us as we go about our day.

Love and peace,


Rae Karen

*Animal Messengers, Regula Meyer

**Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews