Thursday, May 6, 2021

May Flowers Bring Love to the Heart: An Angel Message

This morning while out for a walk, an impromptu angel nudge led me down a new path. I was glad I listened.  Around the bend, in the shade of a southern magnolia tree, a lotus-like flower presented itself.  Near the walkway, an exquisite magnolia bloom lay fully open on the ground, serving an abundant dish from nature the size of a pie plate! 

The sweet scented heavenly messenger prompted my curiosity. At home, I found out the symbolism of magnolia.  The keynote is recovery of what has been lost, and faith and ideals tested.  The magnolia tree is an evergreen and its large leaves and aromatic flowers easily tolerate fumes and grimes of cities, and is free of insect pests.  This reinforces the magnolia's message. "If we hold true to our ideals and have faith, the pests that seem to be pressuring us will soon disappear."  A message we all can take to heart at this time regarding the recovery of what was lost.

The magnolia tree also has an energy that helps to strengthen and activate the heart chakra.  It aligns the individual with his or her higher intellect.  "Magnolia reminds us to be true to our ideals and our heart, no matter the pressure upon us."    


Another fascinating flower messenger came in an email newsletter, a monkey face orchid!  It read:

Do you see a monkey face?  Look more closely, can you find the enlightened SELF, seated in the "lotus position"?  Atop the head is a golden crown.  Information flows in and out of the crown, and it is surrounded by a beautiful aura.  Amazingly, once you've connected with the enlightened SELF, you cannot go back to seeing only the monkey.

Wishing you a day full of happy blossoms. God is Love.  Your guardian angel is with you always.


Love and peace,

Rae Karen 

Ref:  Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews