Friday, April 7, 2023

A Blooming Easter Bunny: An Angel Message

This morning, my husband came back to the house after hauling the trash can down to the street. "You've got to see this."  He said, grinning in disbelief.  We walked down the driveway and he pointed to the pasture.  Beside the fence was a "rabbit" cactus.  Each long green ear crowned with a yellow bloom. 

 A wonderful sign for Easter weekend.  Rabbit represents fertility and new life. Cactus is about adaptation; find and express the beauty and strength in all conditions.  And, just to top it off, a busy bee nestled on a petal, sipping the nectar of life.   

 You can't make these things happen, but when they do, what a sweet surprise.  Yellow, the color of faith, is the message of resurrection.  And, the blooming cactus bunny hopped on our path to celebrate Easter with you.   

Love and peace,


Rae Karen