Thursday, April 27, 2023

Out of the Cocoon... An Angel Message


A few days ago, I looked out the living room window in time to see  this beautiful butterfly. The biggest ever, it lightly danced on the soft petals of the pink pentas.  A comforting picture of transformation.

It's hard to believe this lovely creature was once a lowly, plain, caterpillar that had to inch its way around on the ground. Change came during a long sleep in a dark, home-made cocoon dreaming of a new life. In spring-time, came a wonderful awakening.  It emerges from the tight cocoon.  A beautiful new creature, with billowy yellow wings that FLY.  

Fluttering from flower to flower, a butterfly brings a smile. 

A reminder that transformation is inevitable...

but it can occur as gently, and joyfully as we wish, if we make changes when the opportunities come our way.  

And, most of all, as a symbol of the soul, the butterfly stirs to mind, no matter what stage we find ourselves in this moment, be joyful...the best is yet to be. 

Butterflies remind us to not take things quite so seriously within our lives.  When one appears its a signal to get up and is a dance.  Lighten up. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen