Friday, April 14, 2023

Hiding Yourself from Others?

At the lake, an orange moth flitted by and landed near my bright green canvas chair where I sat on the boat ramp.  With her wings spread wide, embracing the warm sun, I could see each glistening wing had an opened eye painted by nature.  I inched closer for a photo to share, but she flew away.  An opportunity was lost.   

Curious, I looked on-line. 

Moth is the master of disguise. A reminder to be aware that you could be hiding from yourself.  Are you using your emotions to keep yourself hidden from others?  If so, it's time to transform your emotional energy away from drama, and into something closer to your heart.  Have faith in your journey, and trust, that although things seem to be complicated right now, you will eventually see the light.  Let your  heart guide you.

Soon after the reluctant orange moth departed, something popped up in the middle of the lake. The only sign of life on the water.   

I hoped it was a turtle, this little ball merrily bobbing up and down in the ripples. Turtle is always a positive sign, to keep on keeping on.

Snapping away, I asked for angelic help, and was amazed by the detail.  When the photos were uploaded, I could clearly see the turtle's uplifted head peeking out of the empty lake. Bobbing in sunlit ripples, its yellow-racing stripes, and matching yellow-striped eyes were up for a photo op.  

I was grateful for the message:  What has been hidden from you, will now be revealed so pay attention.    


And, also a willingness to pop up and be counted on, when needed.  The best is yet to be. 

Love and peace,

Rae Karen