Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Not Alone in the Garden: An Angel Thought

I'm sure you can remember when at the crossroads of your life, in need of encouragement, something-- a painting, book, flower, or song spoke to your soul. Most likely, it took you by surprise as you found yourself being pulled into a deeper understanding of yourself, and the world around you.   And, in that special moment, you realized, without a doubt, it was a sign, an angel message for you.  An unexpected nudge to grow in spirit.

Tonight's full moon stirred such an old memory.  Many years ago, I stumbled upon this vintage print of Jesus in the Gethsemane Garden.  On my way home from work, I had stopped by an antique mall to look for an oriental rug.  

As I gazed at the picture of Jesus, alone on the hill, far from the city below, I could relate. Those clouds that began to shroud the glow of a full moon mirrored my own fears about starting a new life.  Fears that gather like clouds to rob our light.       

At that time, I'd made an exciting, but drastic life-changing move to a new state.  A brand new life.  The security of a long-term career, my home, my cat, and friends were left behind to work on an angel documentary in Georgia.   My belongings fit into a 10-ft. U-Haul truck.

Looking at Jesus praying on the rocky hillside was a comforting reminder. He was not alone in his greatest hour of contemplation and testing.  Although his earthly companions had abandoned him-- asleep in the garden when he had asked them to pray.  His heavenly Father  had provided spiritual assistance. An angel came to give him the strength to complete his earthly mission as the Light of the World.    

That vintage portrait still hangs on the wall.  Christ on the rock, praying in the shadow of the full moon.

A grateful reminder that I'm never alone. Neither are you.  In Christ, we are a new creature--children of Light, subject to the laws of spirit, and not the carnal flesh.  Christ bears witness to our spirit, and we reside in eternity with Him.

So no matter where you find yourself, even in your darkest hour, be still and take a breath, right where you are, you are not alone.  Accept that you are in Good Hands. God's angels are lovingly watching over you.  This too shall pass...  Be of good cheer...for the best is yet to be.

Happy Easter Week!

Love and peace,


Rae Karen