Monday, May 29, 2023

In Honor of Memorial Day

Angel with Soldier (Wikimedia Commons)

For he shall give his angels charge over thee in all thy ways.
They shall lift thee up lest thy dash thy foot against a stone.
            Psalm 91:11

There are many stories about soldiers who were assisted by the angelic realm during the time of battle.  Archangel Michael helped Joan of Arc win independence for France.  Often, in conflict, there are testimonies about the power of praying Psalm 91; a protection guarantee that comes to those who keep their consciousness in the spiritual realm, and embrace the inspiration of angels.  The secret place of the most high is not a physical place, but a state of mind.  His loving angels accompany us wherever we go. 
I share this Prayer for the Armed Forces from a Memorial Day program years ago.

"Angels before you guide and direct you.
Angels behind you watch over and bless you.
Angels beside you care for, comfort, and
strengthen you.

The Light of God surround you
The Love of God enfold you
The Power of God protect you
The Divine Presence of God be with you.
The Peace of God be in your heart.
Wherever you are, God is and all is well."

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, gave an interesting reading for a young man who miraculously survived a close brush with death on the battlefield in World War I. Although wounded, the man was physically helped off the battlefield by an angel. The man later asked about the meaning of this angelic encounter in a reading with Edgar Cayce.

"In the angel stooping on the field, in the walking through the garden with the shadow...the entity was being guided, or guarded, or protected, that that as had been promised from the foundations of the world would be to each individual, "If ye will be my people I will be thy God." He that walketh in the light, and purposes in his heart to do, be that which the Creative Forces would have one be, shall not be left alone! for...His arm, His hand, will direct thy ways." 
In his book, Cayce on Angels, Archangels, and Unseen Forces, Robert Grant writes that God's arm and hand in that particular reading are the angels who are our constant companions and guardians throughout life.
Today let us honor the brave soldiers who serve or have served in our Armed Forces as well as all the guardian angels who serve right along beside them who helped America win and maintain her freedom.
Thank you, Dad.

Peace and love,

Rae Karen