Monday, August 17, 2009

Angelic Nudges - The Red Rose

In 1999, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) was having its annual Congress in June. Elliot and I just moved to the beach. When Elliot read about the Congress, he was guided to write a theme song for the gathering called Love One Another. He played it at the opening of Congress. When he finished, a woman sitting nearby wiped her tears. “When I hear that song, I cry.”

Another woman asked, “Is he your husband?”

I nodded proudly, and she gave me a bookmark she made for the Congress. I thanked her and put it on my lap. I told her about the vision I saw when he played it for the first time at home. "High in the heavens in a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds, I saw a joyful red celestial rose dancing around in circles. Her leafy arms swaying to the melody."

“I saw a rose for the Congress, too!” The woman smiled. “Look at the bookmark.”

I looked down to see a rose imprinted on purple paper. We both laughed.

Later that evening Elliot and I returned for the talent show. It was early so we went to the meditation garden. A young woman on a bench by the waterfall was praying. Her blonde pony tail stuck out of her baseball cap. Her head hung down as if in deep pain.

Early evening, the garden was so beautiful, landscaped in such a natural way. We enjoyed the peacefulness and closed our eyes as we sat on a bench under the trees. Opening my eyes, I saw a lone red rose still in bloom across the path. "Look, Elliot. There's the red rose again." I got up to smell its sweet essence and thank it for its beauty.

"Let's send some peace to that young woman," he whispered.

"Do you think she needs an angel?" I surprised him by reaching into my goodie bag and pulling out a small wooden angel box.

“At the last minute, I was nudged by the angels to bring it along.”

"Follow your guidance," he smiled.

I watched, waiting for the right time to present the gift. Meanwhile, Elliot went to smell the rose.

When the teenager stopped meditating, I walked over to her. Surprised, she looked up, a little annoyed at first. "The angels want you to have this," I said, handing her the angel box.

She gave me a quick look of complete understanding and her mood became brighter. "Thank you."

Elliot and I went to get our seats for the talent show. To our surprise, the third contestant was the young woman in the meditation garden. She sang In the Arms of An Angel from the movie, City of Angels. I found my eyes filling with tears. She sang softly and sweetly with great feeling, just like an angel. I could almost see her wings.

Several days later at Congress, I felt a tap on my shoulder in the auditorium. I turned around.

It was the angel singer.

"I wanted to let you know what was going on with me in the garden. You see, I was very close to my grandfather growing up, and miss him very much. I used to feel his presence around me after he died several years ago…but I can't feel him anymore…So when you handed me the box I had been praying about it. And it was as though the veil was very thin."

I was so happy I followed my angel’s guidance. The little angel box came from the dollar store, but the present was priceless.

May we always be willing to help the angels,


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