Saturday, August 15, 2009

Irises on the Path

I love this painting by George Bleich called Beyond Moongate. From this photo it's hard to see the beautiful blue morning glories covering the portal. In 1992, it crossed my path while visiting a childhood friend in California. I had come for a visit after going through a major life challenge. I needed a pause before starting a new chapter of life. One afternoon we were shopping in Carmel when Viola discovered Beyond Moongate in the window of an art studio. Irises were like my breadcrumbs from God showing me that I was on the right path.

"Not only does it have irises, there's a poem with it," she smiled. I was comforted and amazed how perfect both the painting and the poem fit my life and the timing couldn't have been better.

Beyond MoonGate
The harmony of indigo
Give way to pastel shades
Pains of yesterday dissolve
With the dawn of each new day.

Revelations raise around you
Perfumed flowers in the mist
A tear clarifies and crystallize
To a healing dew drop kiss.

When the secrets of your garden
And all the mysteries there within
Reveal themselves,*** unto yourself
Your new day will begin.

Your garden awaits in beauty
With love you’re meant to share
Like unfolding morning glories
Far removed from care.

Life beckons you with joy
To press on and not to wait
For the path unfolds before you
The path beyond moongate

Night flowers bloom in secret
***Bearded Iris sway
The silence of the Cobblestones
Await the sounds of day.

Like blossoms await the morning sun
Pathways the sound of feet
Your heart awaits to pulse with joy
When night and day do meet.
--George J. Bleich

I really wanted that print in the beautiful gold frame but the price was beyond my budget. Circumstances had recently changed. We left the studio and walked down to the beach. An unsettling feeling gnawed at me. Watching the surf, I couldn't get my mind off Beyond Moongate. It did seem like it was meant for me.

We turned around and I went back to buy it. That was the beginning of my gifting myself. Listening to the whispers of my soul. Before my divorce I had no money of my own. So this was part of my healing, feeling worthy. Now, that painting hangs in my living room. Looking back through the years, what a wild and wonderful journey into the light it has been and continues to be. One where I met many of you along the way and we journeyed a distance together, sharing joys and sorrows on the road home. Sometimes I look down the path in the painting and wonder what's waiting around the bend? The morning sun lights up the path as I begin my meditation in gratitude for all the experiences that led me to where I am today.

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