Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Tree Spirit: An Angel Message

Driving down Holly Road, we passed an unusual sight.  A tree topped off by Hurricane Isabel last fall had gone through quite a surprising transformation.

By the hands of a master wood artisan, the old tree was crafted into a work of art; a wonderful metaphor for weathering life's storms. It may look like we lost a big part of ourselves, but something deep within is birthed. Our spirit. And we find ourselves in the world in a creative and different way. No longer ordinary, but extraordinary because the Master has left His mark on us.

Trees are symbols of grace and great strength. They remain firmly rooted to the earth while reaching toward the sunlight. Shaken by winds and storms, they fulfill their purpose.

I have always loved the trees wherever we have lived. Just seeing them gives me a wonderful feeling of comfort and peace.

I love this poem by Dorien Israel.

Nature is the most powerful presence on earth
Because it is feminine,
it flourishes.
Because it is secure,
it allows all things to evolve and does not interfere.

The feminine overwhelms
the masculine with patience.
She wields more power,
because she can yield more gracefully.
Since she can stay still,
her energy is never wasted.
All her movements
are meaningful.

Be like a low lying field
full of potential and growth;
Open and receptive,
attracting elevating energies.
Be ever constant and conscious to
the changes that are coming.

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