Monday, August 17, 2009


Like this dandelion we are sometimes forced to bloom in a tight spot where we're planted. If we stay positive and do our best, God will take care of the rest. Nature is a great teacher. It's amazing how a dandelion can thrive between brick mortar on this front step. Born from a tiny spore, it bloomed under the worse possible conditions. No soil.

Most people think dandelion is a weed to get rid of, but it is filled with minerals and vitamins. I often drink dandelion tea to purify my system. It is also a plant of lore that can be used as an oracle. As a child I would have fun with dandelion. I picked a dandelion puff from the yard and made a wish. Then I would blow on it with all my might, how many spores were left on the stem represented the number of children I would have.

In his book Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews shares that "Dandelion teaches us that there is worth and beauty beyond what is visible and apparent. It teaches to look beyond the surface of things."

Isn't it interesting that a plant with so much nourishment is called a weed. Kind of makes you wonder who was labeling all the flora?

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